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Provincial Nominee Programs 

What are Provincial Nominee Programs?

In Canada, each province and territory has its immigration streams. Through these streams, provinces and territories target specific people that they feel they need to foster the development of their province or territory – business people, skilled and semi-skilled workers, and students.

These streams represent a unique immigration opportunity if you meet the criteria of the province or territory. In many cases, the provinces and territories require certain connection of the applicant – a job offer, family ties, education or work experience in this province / territory, but not necessarily.

It is possible to immigrate to a specific province or territory even if you don't know a single soul there. In this case, the province must be really interested in your specific skill set and experience.

Provincial Nominee Programs or, as they are also known, "PNPs" open and close all the time, it is a very fluctuating environment, and one must stay alert and have all the papers ready to submit when this or that stream opens.

What is Provincial Nomination?

If you are nominated, it means the Canadian province or territory selected you for permanent residence. The next step after that is application for permanent residence.

If you are in the Express Entry pool, provincial nomination gives you 600 points and you will get an invitation to apply from the Canadian government within weeks.

Also, if you received a provincial nomination and have a job offer, you do not need an LMIA to apply for a work permit until you wait for your PR application. In some cases, you may be eligible for a bridging open work permit (BOWP).

How can you immigrate through a Provincial Nominee Program?

There are three ways.

  1. You apply to a specific province or territory on paper, and you are never involved in Express Entry.
  2. You contact the province or territory and apply for nomination under an Express Entry stream.
  3. In the Express Entry profile, you show that you are interested in immigrating to a certain province or territory and, if you meet their selection criteria, they will give you a notification of interest (NOI). With NOI, you apply for provincial nomination and, if approved, apply for permanent residence through Express Entry.

How we can help you with a PNP?

Let us know if you have any connection with a Canadian province or territory and / or what skillset or work experience you have, and we will see where we can go from there.

Complete our Free Assessment form, and we run your profile against our database of provincial nominee programs to see if you may qualify under any of them.


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