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Renounce Your Canadian Permanent Resident Status

About PR status renunciation

While for most people the status of the Permanent Resident of Canada is a dream and a goal they are trying to achieve, in certain cases some people need to renounce their status of the permanent resident of Canada.

Such cases are mostly boiled down to the situations when permanent residents of Canada abroad did not comply with the residency requirement, and they have the need to enter Canada as visitors, students, workers.

To be treated as foreign nationals, such people must first renounce their permanent resident status to avoid problems with the border officer after they arrive in Canada.

When their permanent resident status is cancelled, such individuals may again be treated as foreign nationals and may apply for temporary or permanent residence depending on their current plans and intentions.

How we can help with PR renunciation?

To help you renounce your Canadian permanent resident status, we will:

  • Analyze your case to see if you have met the residency requirement
  • Advise you on the steps you need to take if you want to re-enter Canada
  • Complete all application forms
  • Prepare a legal submission with arguments for your case
  • Submit your application office to the foreign office
  • Follow up your application until it is finalized.


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