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Extension of Stay in Canada
There can be many reasons to extend your stay in Canada. Here are a few scenarios:

  1. You came to Canada, stayed six months, enjoyed the country, realized there is so much more you want to see, and want to extend your stay.
  2. You came to Canada to visit a boyfriend / girlfriend / husband / wife and would like to spend more time with your other half.
  3. You are an elderly parent and your children are living in Canada. You have filed or want to file for permanent residence based on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. However, H&C application does not automatically prolong your stay. You need a TRV extension.
  4. You came to Canada on a TRV, and filed an in-Canada application to join your spouse in Canada. A spousal sponsorship application does not automatically prolong your stay. You need a TRV extension.
  5. You are considering work / study opportunities and your visa is ending. However, you are not ready yet to file for a work or study permit, and you need to extend your visitor status.

While you apply for a TRV extension, you are automatically granted an implied status. It means you are a legal temporary resident of Canada until there is a decision on your extension of stay application. It seems perfect if only it were not for one BUT.

If you failed to provide the necessary documents or made a mistake in your application, you lose your implied status immediately and cannot resubmit the application. That is why it is so important to make sure your extension of stay application is flawless. There's is no room for mistake.

There are many factors the officers are considering while making a decision on your extension of stay application. A lot also depends on whether it's your first or second extension or if you have filed any other applications along the way.

The officers will consider your intentions, the length of your stay, the extension you are asking for, the seriousness of your plans, the original purpose of your visit, your ability to leave Canada, family and employment opportunities that you are leaving behind in your home country, and so much more.

We will help you develop the best strategy for your extension of stay application, will advise you about the pitfalls and will present the factors of your case in the favorable light to the immigration officers. Extension of stay applications are crucial to your immigration history and should be treated seriously.

Extension of stay applications must be filed in advance, while you are still in status. If you lose your status, we can file an application to restore it, but that is a totally different application, and we highly recommend that you avoid losing your status in Canada, as you might not be allowed to restore it.


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