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Canada Study Permit Extension
When your Study Permit is expiring, but you want to continue studying, you may apply for Study Permit extension.

If you applied before expiration of your current Study Permit, you may continue studying on the so-called "implied status."

If you lost your status as a student, you may submit an application for status restoration and pay the fee for a new Study Permit. You are not allowed to study in Canada if you lost your status.

How we can help you with a Study Permit Extension application?

If you are looking to extend your Canadian Study Permit, at Sokolov Immigration, we can handle your case expertly.

We will:

  • advise you on your chances to get an extension to your Study Permit
  • draft letters of support for review of the IRCC immigration officer
  • create a strategy to prove that you are a bona fide applicant and will return home after your visit to Canada
  • prepare and translate, if necessary, the supporting documents
  • write a legal representative's submission letter where we will highlight the strong points of your application
  • complete all applications forms correctly to avoid any future accusation in misrepresentation and 5-year ban to come to Canada.

While you do your job, trust us to do ours. At Sokolov Immigration, we have the experience and expertise in Study Permit extension applications, and we will be happy to help you!

We build strong, winning cases. Contact us today for an advice how to apply for Study Permit extension, and we will offer a solution tailored to your needs and based on the unique nature of your case.


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