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Judicial Reviews

About judicial reviews

Any immigration or visa decision, whether inside or outside Canada, may be appealed in the Federal Court of Canada. The judge may overturn any such decision and order it reconsidered.

If you have a removal order, such removal order is stayed until a decision on the Judicial Review application is made.

If you are  refugee who is filing a judicial review of the refusal of the Refugee Protection Division (RPD) of the IRB, your removal will not be stayed. You have to go through the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) first.

Timeline for judicial reviews

The following timelines apply for judicial reviews:

  • if a decision was made inside Canada - 15 days
  • if a decision was made outside Canada - 60 days
  • if a decision was made by a tribunal such as IRB (Immigration & Refugee Board) - 15 days.

How we can help you with a judicial review

As Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC), we cannot be on record for the judicial review in the Federal Court of Canada. For that, we cooperate with Toronto's best lawyers who will be on record for your case.

However, we definitely can help you with these services:

  • Analyze the details of your case and assess your chances for succesful judicial review
  • Develop a case strategy
  • Advise you on the supporting documents to strengthen your appeal
  • Draft letters of support
  • Interact with a representing lawyer on all matters of your case
  • Keep you posted about any updates on your case.


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