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Deferral Requests to the Canada Border Services Agency

About deferral requests

If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you were served with a removal order, and are anxiously awaiting your deportation from Canada.

Stopping a deportation involves a complicated strategy. Very often, the first step in this strategy is to request the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to temporarily stop ("defer") your deportation. 

The deferral of your deportation gives us precious time to come up with the next step in stopping your deportation and, possibly, securing your permanent residence in Canada.

To defer your deportation, we must address the CBSA and request them to put a hold on your deportation until a new factor comes into play. This can be, for example, filing of a spousal sponsorship application or an application for permanent residence based on Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds.

You should know this. The CBSA officers will do their best to deny your deferral request because it is their job to ensure fast and efficient removal of individuals once a decision on their removal has been made.

You will need really strong arguments to convince the enforcement division to put a hold on your deportation. And even then they might deny it, leaving you only one option - appeal your removal in the Federal Court and submit a motion to stay ("stop") your removal from Canada.

If you have a removal order, it means that the time is working against us. This is why all actions to stop the deportation must be swift and efficient.

Contact us as soon as you were served with a removal order or are otherwise deported, so that we have the time to help you, if it is within our power.

How we can help you with a deferral request

We have experience of filing deferral requests to the CBSA with both outcomes - positive and negative. We have the experience in filing the motions to stay removal in the event of a negative decision. We have the knowledge how to build cases to gradually convert your removal to permanent residence in Canada.

To help you increase your chances for a positive decision of the CBSA regarding your deferral request, we will:

  • Analyze why you received a removal order and assess your chances for a positive decision on the deferral request
  • Become your counsel of record and represent you for your legal matters
  • Maintain all correspondence with the Canada Border Services Agency on your behalf
  • Develop a case strategy
  • Advise you on the supporting documents to strengthen your deferral request
  • Piece together all possible evidence to convince the CBSA to make a positive decision
  • Follow up your case until it is resolved.


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