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Owner / Operator LMIA / Work Permit


Owner / Operator LMIA-based Work Permit is one of the few ways to immigrate to Canada for for high-net-worth individuals (HNWI), business people, and company owners. These people may often not qualify for immigration because they would not get enough points under Express Entry to receive an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence in Canada. Let's see how that works.

In order to obtain a work permit to work in Canada, the Government of Canada usually requires the employer of this individual to complete the Labour Market Impact Assessment process with Employment and Social Development Canada. This process involves advertising of the position in the company with a purpose to show that the company was unable to hire Canadian permanent residents and citizens fit to do this job.

The advertising process is complicated and is often subject to scrutiny by ESDC officers. The LMIA process for the Owner / Operator work permit is advertising-exempt. The position does not have to be advertised because the idea of the Owner / Operator work permit is that the Canadian company purchased or created by the applicant is in effect hiring this same applicant to operate this company.

In other words, you are either purchasing an existing company or creating a new one, and the Government of Canada allows you to operate it from within Canada if you can convince them, of course, that this company will benefit Canadian economy, will hire Canadian citizens or permanent residents and will provide valuable services to Canadians either in Canada or abroad.

Owner / Operator Work Permit Requirements

The key requirement is for the applicant to own a controlling interest in the company, at least 51%. We must demonstrate that you are an owner of the company and, as such, able to make decisions to operate this company without obtaining someone else's consent or agreement.

Another requirement is an elaborate and convincing business plan. You must demonstrate to the officer how you intend to fund and develop your company, how you intent to hire employees and maintain their employment. You must convince them that you know your business, you are a professional, and you know exactly what you are doing.

You must show that you are not making a passive investment, but you intend to run your business personally, be involved in the operational management and develop your business further. You are the backbone of your business, the visioner, the inspiration, the manager, the operator, the architect. You are behind it all.

There are many other things to do to maximize your chances of obtaining a positive decision regarding your LMIA application. They may involve opening and registering a business in Canada, creating and / or enhancing your website, seeing how you help and / or intend to help the local communities etc.

Stages of Immigration to Canada under Owner / Operator Stream

1. You receive a positive decision of your LMIA application by Employment and Social Development Canada.
2. You file a work permit application to IRCC.
3. You apply for permanent residence in Canada through Express Entry. You get extra 200 points because your occupation falls under NOC 00 "Senior Management Occupations." With these extra points, you are in good position to receive an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence. You will have to take an English test. The required score of your test CLB 7. It means you have to be able to reach the level of 6 in Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening (IELTS General English test).
4. You obtain the status of the Permanent Resident of Canada.

How We Can Help with Owner / Operator LMIA / Work Permit application?

Owner / Operator LMIAs are some of the most complex cases there are, without exaggeration. These cases are scrutinized by the Service Canada officers who review the submission, they are put under a miscroscope and examined at close light. 

The first step is to assess if you have the experience, the qualifications, the need and the financial resources to apply for an Owner / Operator LMIA. If you do and Vitaliy decides you stand the chance, a dedicated team will work on your case, including licensed immigration consultants, business consultants, and a chartered accountant.

Working together, this team will:​​
  • perfect your original business idea
  • help you create or purchase a company in Canada
  • help you create a website for your business
  • perfect your with the business plan 
  • fill out all application forms and prepare LMIA submissions to Service Canada
  • apply for Work Permit if your LMIA application is approved
  • make an application for permanent residence after you have worked for some time as owner / operator of your business
  • liaise with Service Canada / IRCC on your behalf representing your interests while the LMIA application / permanent residence application is being processed.

We have the experience in successfully obtaining Owner / Operator LMIA Work Permits, and will be happy to help you too.


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