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Canadian Self-Employed Persons Program 

Who is the Self-Employed Persons Program for?

Self-Employed Persons Program (SEPP) is a Canadian immigration program for people with experience in cultural activities or athletics who are willing and able to make a contribution to the cultural or athletic life in Canada.

How to be selected for the Self-Employed Persons Program?

To be selected, you must score a minimum of 35 points against the following criteria: education, experience, age, English or French proficiency, and adaptability.

You must have taken part at cultural or athletic activities at the world-class level or have been self-employed in cultural activities or athletics. 

You must have two full years of experience being self-employed in cultural activities or athletics.

The processing time for this program is around 2 years.

What are some specific occupations under SEPP?

Here is non-exhaustive list of some of the activities.

Cultural activities:

  • authors and writers
  • creative and performing artists
  • musicians
  • painters
  • sculptors and other visual artists
  • technical support and other jobs in motion pictures
  • creative designers
  • craftspeople.


  • athletes
  • coaches
  • sports officials and referees
  • program leaders and instructors in recreation, sports and fitness.

How we can help you with the SEPP?

To help you immigrate to Canada under the Self-Employed Persons Program, we will:

  • Assess your chances to qualify for the SEPP.
  • Advise you on the steps you need to take before we submit an application for immigration under the SEPP
  • Provide you with a high-level overview of the business environment in Canada
  • Perfect your business plan 
  • Guide you in collecting supporting documents
  • Complete all application forms
  • Prepare a legal submission with arguments for your case
  • Follow up your application until it is finalized.​


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